Steve's Locomotion Cache (Scenarios)

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Steve's Locomotion Cache (Scenarios)

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Introducing the top of the line Locomotion Scenario Storage System!

The Locomotion Cache is a place where users can upload their own files and then after a quick check, have them ready for download by the entire Locomotion Community! No more rummaging through forums with lots of random downloading, everything is easily searched and found!
It also makes use of a phpBB forum system for comments and ranking, making sure that you have lots of info before that vital download. Just make sure to rank it yourself afterwards!

To ensure that all files are properly uploaded, properly credited and with proper english descriptions and stats, every file is looked over by a responsible Admin before being allowed into public. This process will last a maximum of 48 hours, and most probaly a lot less, so noone is missing out.

The site now stores Locomotion Objects too! The site is still quite new, so if you find any bugs, please contact me on any of the forums or via the in-built Contact page!

What are you waiting for:
Download your scenarios, today!

Note: Within the next week i shall contact all scenario authors on these here forums, about getting hosting. To help ease the pain of this task, please submit your own work. Oh, and the site will get a much needed facelift in due time.
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