Long time no see, right...

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Long time no see, right...

Post by uzurpator »

Hello. Remember me?

So, what has been happening lately? Why is TE dead again?

Well. Life is happening.

During my work on the project before it has become obvious to me that one man effort is not going to work if that man has as little time as I have. You know, full time job, full time wife and full time kid and whatnot. That is why there has been no progress in the last 9 months or so. I periodically refresh the TE codebase, but let's face it, it currently is pretty much a cold, dead corpse.

However I have promised myself that I will get this game done. That is why I have recently started a project that, if successful, will free some of my time, thus allowing me to spend it on TE. Also, once again, if that project is successful, I'll be able to get sufficient funds to at least try to Kickstart the project.

Yea, I said it.

Don't lose hope.
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Re: Long time no see, right...

Post by TossIB »

In that case, all the best luck for this mysterious project. Making more time certainly sounds promising.

BTW Don't lie about what you will do with this time, both to yourself and your family...

It's not as if everyone longing for a new transport game isn't already accustomed to having to be patient. :lol:
\°| Greetz, TossIB |°/
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Re: Long time no see, right...

Post by Audiopulse »

Well, its been some time since the last comment was made, but no harm done, right?

Dont apologize for making your own pace with what you do. Its a nice project alright and it doesnt matter when its going to be finished or even if at all. Whats most important is that its fun to work on it for you - nobody is putting up any demands. ;)

Im the same with my woodworks. I just recently started picking up again after almost a year. I just wanted to get this off my chest after discovering this Subforum :)
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